Volta ao Alentejo March 26-30th, 2014

It’s always exciting when you’re able to race in a new country and have such a great group of guys working so well together. We had an eight man roster with half of us from Bissell (Greg Daniel, Ryan Eastman, Tanner Putt, and myself). Capping it off we had TJ Eisenhart, Colin Joyce, Yannick Eckmann and Robin Carpenter. This five day UCI 2.2 ranked race was a great European season opener, with over 5,000 feet of climbing everyday. This fact, paired along with some lengthy stages (two over 195k) definitely will boost the form and hopefully kickstart a solid euro campaign. The team worked incredibly well together, with everyone assigned particular jobs throughout the stages, reducing stress over what to do when split-second decisions needed to be made. Our senior u23’s on the team showed up fit and ready to fight for podiums and jerseys. We missed the former by one spot but are bringing back the white jersey of best under 23 rider in GC! This race takes the cake by quite a margin for scariest/sketchiest finishes. We had it all in this race. Cobbled roundabouts in the rain to 10% downhills right in the last kilometers of racing. It was the perfect race coming back from sickness due to it’s length, climbing, and a whole lot of race speed thrown into the mix. The week ended up being a little over a thousand kilometers, not a bad seven days! Onwards and upwards.


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