Elite Track Nationals August 12-17th, 2014

Rock Hill, South Carolina    Giordana Velodrome (250 meter outdoor track)


This is 6 events compiled together, with the winner being whoever accumulates the most points throughout.

I came in as a relative unknown to these nationals, giving me a slightly longer leash when it came down to attacking compared to the favorites. The first event was a 15km scratch race where I managed to slip away with around 25 laps to go, was joined by another rider, and took the sprint for the lead in the series. Pretty good way to start the week! Next up we had an individual pursuit where I placed 3rd with a time of 4:48. Relative to international competition I got smoked, but with only a month of specific track work in my legs, I had to be happy with that time. Lastly, to close out day 1 was the elimination where I pulled a rookie move and boxed myself in yet again for an 8th place finish. The second day my legs just wouldn’t cooperate, most likely due to a non-existent cool down the night before or because that night had me going to bed at 12:30. 8th in the kilo and 13th in the flying lap, not what I was hoping for after still being right at the top the first day. The only thing to do is keep your head up and try to maximize the time in-between races for recovery. That night was the final of 6 events, a 40km points race (points every 10 laps, 160 lap race…) where I felt about the same as that morning. My attacks just didn’t have that intensity needed to break away. Still I’d like to think I played a role in breaking apart the group. 6th place overall, my aim was the podium which I know could have been attainable were it not for that bad first night.

 Team Pursuit

My favorite of the week! You get the whole enchilada with this event. Teamwork, wicked fast speeds, and an effort that leaves you with a rush of endorphins at the end. We qualified first in the morning by a margin of 2 seconds and won the final that night by 2-tenths of a second, I guess we like to keep things interesting for the spectators (awesome crowds throughout the week!) and ourselves!


Got a quick lap in the beginning quarter of the race, and afterwards was able to lap twice to get the win! To give a clue on how tough it got at the end, my calves started cramping at the end. I never usually cramp, especially after just 40 kilometers…


First one I’ve ever done, which takes quite a lot of finesse to get right! Messed up with a few double pulls, all in a learning curve. Ended up getting 5th in a tightly contested race at the top. Addicting race format with a teammate always pushing you on, and higher intensity when in the race.


The race wasn’t very quick due to the fact that it was the last day of racing, and we’d done many many laps beforehand… I sprinted too late and came in on the inside, getting disqualified on what would have been a third place.





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