10 Questions with TJ Eisenhart


Taylor Jordan Eisenhart


Hometown- Lehi, Utah

Team-BMC Devo

1.Crowning achievements-

“Signing with the BMC Development team.”

“Winning the white jersey at Thüringen-Rundfahrt.”

2. Superpower?

“Total immunity, never get sick and always clean.” or    “A man lion, that would be awesome.”

3. Favorite dish? 

“My Dad’s homemade muesli which has frozen blueberries with almond milk.”

4. Favorite tv show? 


5. Woman crush of the week? 

Lana Del Rey

Photographer:  Nicole Nodland

6. Mental tips while in the box (suffering)?  

Positive reinforcement/thinking everyone else is suffering.

7. Froome or Wiggins?

“Froome, because he’s a better climber”.


8. If you weren’t a rider, what would you be?

Probably an architect, or something in the design area(clothing, shoes, art).

9. Interesting fact about yourself?

Started a company last year, PANDA TRINITY

Favorite color is pink

10. What do you love most about cycling? 

The hard work and suffering you put in, paired with the reward you get afterwards.


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