10 Questions with Nathan Wilson


Nathaniel James Wilson (not pretentious)


Weight- 129-157 pounds

School- University of Colorado

Hometown- Arlington, Virginia

Team- Bontrager

1. Crowning achievements-

“2 years ago I did 385 watts for 20 minutes, it was my crowning achievement.”

“I graduated high school with a 3.85 GPA.” (editor’s note: Coincidence, I think not…)

“I Made the regional All-Star lacrosse team as a defender in 6th grade, it was a big deal.”

“Being teammates with Evan Huffman in 2011-12.”

2. Almond or peanut butter? Cashew butter

3. Mental tips while in the box? “I do nothing, I turn my head off.”

4. Funniest cyclist you know? “Not Huffman, I think Creed is pretty funny, but I don’t want to give him the satisfaction of reading this. Boswell is funny too.”

5. Funniest looking cyclist? “Domenico Pozzovivo, I think he looks kind of weird.”Domenico-Pozzovivo_2218404b

6. Women crush of the week? Anne Hathaway


7. Slytherin or Gryffindor? Gryffindor


8. Favorite food? “Ice Cream, usually something with caramel or cookies n’ cream.”

9. Favorite song right now? Passenger- Let Her Go

10. Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods? Trader Joe’s


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