A Day on the Plate

This is a short picture post of my gourmand lifestyle , just on this particular day. I try to remain consistent with granola/muesli for breakfast along with a piece of fruit, then whatever the Sittard staff dish up for lunch and dinner. In upcoming news, we are flying out to Poland later today, then a semi-quick transfer into the Czech Republic for the two day Course de la Paix U23(Peace Race)! Exciting times coming up, thanks for the read!

Breakfast- Yogurt, corn flakes, pear, and a bowl of granola(CHOCOLATE!) with milk.




Lunch- Raisin bread sandwich compiled of swiss cheese,ham, and spinach. Then another

piece of bread with peanut butter, banana, and some honey. Also, a small salad and tangerine.



Snacks- Viggo (our soigneur) bought these addicting-ly good “fruit biscuits” which I had twice in-between meal times.


Dinner- As usual here we start off with a soup (minestrone) with a baguette piece or two

then straight onto the main course of rice, steamed vegetables, and mystery meat (no, it wasn’t beef).

Another small salad and then a freckin’ delicious slice of apple pie.

IMG_2202 IMG_2203



That’s a day on the plate!


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