Runde um Düren April 21, 2013

82 miles   5,000 ft elevation gain   2,800 kilojoules
   It was another big loop/small loop course as the day before, with a decent amount of climbing on the larger laps. On the smaller circuits there wasn’t much elevation gain, but the numerous tight turns more than made up for it. A group was able to drift off the front the first time up the climb including Greg “literally in every break” Daniel along with Daniel Eaton. They were able to get 2.5 minutes at one point, but the course didn’t favor a breakaway at the end of the day, due to some headwind sections and overall pace of the field. We caught them going into three laps to go (of five 6 kilometer circuits) where the sprinter team’s took the front. A constant circular flow ensued between the front twenty racers, making for a hectic and very nervous final. The finish was roughly 250 meters after a fairly sharp left turn. It was a headwind sprint, so I thought about third to fifth wheel would be perfect. I came in fourth(and a half) but hesitated. Bad choice. When I kicked the two riders in front created a nice barrage, where I had to squeeze in-between them sitting down(not able to fully open up my sprint). The guy on my right was in full sprint mode, head down throwing his bike around on the tarmac. He hit my hip with his bar after I’d passed and couldn’t control it from there. I’m hoping he has a speedy recovery after a fast and violent crash. I passed the second fading rider but the at that point the soon to be winner had already amassed too much of a gap. Again, the racing in Europe is so much more than legs. Here, full team’s had lead out trains attempting to get their one man across the line, positioning being so so important. A tough pill to swallow but there is so much more racing still to come! Thanks for the read!
image 376028_2982937828577_2115715551_n

One comment

  1. David Suddens (Lisi Aerospace) UK · May 2, 2013

    Well done Alex, keep up the good work and the win will come.

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