Bontrager Team Camp

The camp was a full ten days of riding after the short trip to Waterloo, Wisconsin for a Trek event dubbed the Hullabaloo in Waterloo(250 meter races on trainers). Jasper Stuyven took a convincing win in the final, getting two real “Axel’s Axes” and giving the Bontrager Pro’s a second consecutive win. While at the their headquarters we received the new kits, got an awesome bike production tour (wicked cool), and took the first individual/team pictures. I was able to get some “riding” in at the gym along with a few core workouts with some of my teammates before actually starting in Solvang. The first day of camp we rolled out on an easy cruising loop before doing two 10 kilometer pacelines at a medium pace(we started hammering on the second trip of course). The next day we climbed about 9500 feet on the infamous Figueroa road, twice. The first ascent up included strength intervals(1k on/off 40-50rpm) with tempo in-between. This killed me the second time up, but at the turnaround point it was mainly downhill to the hotel. I was somewhat destroyed after that(most climbing I had ever done) so Axel gave me an option to turn back early the next day, which I decided doing since there were many more hard days waiting for us. After that rest day we jumped into a sponsor ride at a moderate pace for about two hours, then relaxing from there (throughout the week we had pictures/interviews/bike fits/daily massages along with hanging out with the guys). On Thursday, a good 4 hour ride with some climbing, and then Friday we rode down into Santa Barbara (home sweet home!) to race up Gibraltar (about 6 miles to the top). I didn’t have much legs to punch it and could only muster a high-tempo/low threshold pace. A grupetto formed with about half the team two thirds of the way up, where I rode in to the top, which I might add had breathtaking views. Another easy recovery day, then another solid four hour ride (both days with some TT time) where I set off to do my own loop with two 10 minute efforts up climbs, then an all-out effort up another(10 min as well). That was a fairly hard ride, followed by doing Figueroa twice again the next day. Both times up (an hour long climb) I rode a high-tempo pace. This ended up being the most climbing I’ve ever done, a little over 10,000 feet. I surprisingly felt good that day (joined in the attacks going back to the hotel), and not too sapped afterwards. The last ride was supposed to be sharp and intense, but turned out fairly mellow since we tagged along with a large contingent of Trek dealers. After that three hour loop, I packed all of my things and the carers drove me down to my house, ending the camp (our comedian Reed gave me a couple pounds of Cytomax and Honey Stinger products to take home, score!) after a few goodbyes. All in all it was a great camp, which should provide a good starting base for the future. The level of support, camaraderie between us teammates, and some serious Strava ass-kicking are just a few highlighted points about why this team is one of the best out there(Can’t forget the sponsors!) which I am very excited to be a part of. Thank you to all who’ve made this into a reality and hopefully you check back soon, Europe on March 23rd!





  1. Joshua Fosnight · March 13, 2013

    Climbing up mammoth like a boss

    • Joshua Fosnight · March 13, 2013

      Mammoth height that is

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