Hello all,

Happy new year! The season is almost upon us, always coming and going much quicker than you’d expect. It was another awesome year on the bike, of course not without some down’s, but great nonetheless. I reached some major goals which helped keep propelling the roller-coaster forward. In a little less than a month I’ll be going to a USA cycling camp located at the Chula Vista Olympic training center, with an all-out brawl between us several days after at the Boulevard road race. Just 2 weeks later I have another camp with my trade team, Bontrager-Livestrong. We’ll be traveling to Waterloo, Wisconsin for a team presentation at the Trek headquarters, then flying to Solvang for training (home roads!). Compared to last year, I have already gotten a good bit of base miles in, with some intensity coming in the near future. Next year should be a blast, hopefully getting me that one step closer to the pro’s. Thanks for reading, I’ll do my best to keep posting throughout the season!



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