Whole Lotta Racing

Since my last post we have had a total of 11 races in less than 19 days. Whoo! All that has been transpiring throughout these weeks are “rest” and “recovery” which can also take a mental toll along with the racing. A cold after our first race (Ruiselede Kermesse) in Belgium hampered my form, and excluded me from some of my favorite Interclubs of the year. This was quite a blow, but with two stages races and a world championship, I didn’t and haven’t looked back. This can be a cruel sport at times,the same goes for just about everything in life, which is why I always make a conscious decision to think positively. It has helped me immensely during this trip, even if my legs are being thrashed about, I just look on how lucky I am to be racing my bike with good health and great people. With one more race to go before I close off my 2012 season I’m hoping to go out with no regrets. The 129 kilometer world championships will be my last on junior gears, where I won’t soon forget how much hard work (and spinning) it took to get there. I’d like to thank every person who has helped me out in these escapades, even for the most smallest things. I hope to make you proud next season with a team I was dreaming of joining many year’s ago!



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