Day in the life of a cyclist

We woke up at 8:30 for our first full day to a beautiful sunny sky which is medium rare in this cow-crazy country. A big breakfast of Muesli (pretty much oatmeal, but better) topped with a banana and peanut butter got the day started off right. After, we kitted up and rode some circles accompanied by our director (Billy Innes) who led us through the maze of twisting farm roads. A quick trip to the market for some necessities, and then a slightly longer stay at the coffee shop were highlights of a fairly slow day (along with a taco tuesday dinner). The racing starts tomorrow with a kermesse just 25 kilometers away (Ruiselede) which I will be putting on Strava to show how far I went into the cave of pain. Thanks for reading!

I’ll try to update every other day by the way (with pictures).


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