Hello everybody, I am currently in Izegem, Belgium at the USA Cycling house with a great racing block coming up. I’ve got some great teammates for a hopefully successful trip! I left yesterday, travelled for a solid 24 hours, then straight to building bikes and strolling along the famous canal road (freshly paved)! If I’m selected for the world championships the trip will be prolonged until the 24th. Here is the schedule for the next couple of weeks, thanks for following:

22 August: kermesse Ruiselede
25 August: Mandel Leie Schelde, UCI 1.1   GNARLY
26 August: Vlaamse Gewesten, UCI 1.1          FAST
31 Aug- 2 Sep: G.P. Ruebliland, UCI 2.1 (SUI)
6-9 Sept Regio Rothaus Tour, UCI 2.1 (GER)
Kermesses (TBD)


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