Race reports- Brentwood GP(Elite State Championships)

Brentwood GP- August 5th, 2012    75 minutes    34 miles     27.3mph average 
This is possibly the best criterium I’ve participated in, with a great venue, demanding course, good primes/money, and a healthy amount of spectators. This is quite a high honor to give since Southern California is a rampant criterium animal with road races scarcely seen on the calendar. An early 10 man break, including yours truly, got a decent 20 second gap away from a strong but disorganized field, which finally let us off the leash with around 25 minutes to go. The winner would be decided from our group. I was on the rivet for most of the time, getting a couple primes and trying to push my body to its limit in preparation for Europe. A split happened between us after an $800 prime, causing two selections with three up the road and our group trying everything in its power to bring them back. It was not to be, along with a rider in-between the leaders and us, I sprinted for fifth. My goal was a top 5 and one prime, turning this into a successful day, with hopefully some leg speed gained. Thanks for reading!


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