Race reports- Manhattan Beach Grand Prix

Manhattan Beach GP- 80 minutes    61kilometers    45.5kph average
   A hot-dog shaped course that has been used in all of the 51 years of its existence was on the agenda for this picturesque summer day. Since this race is on the NCC(National Criterium Calendar) list, a 15,000 dollar prize purse is required. This in turn brought out some of the big guns in American criterium racing. There were a couple large teams along with a heavy dose of individual talents making an exciting race. This made for blazing fast 80 minutes with a boatload of spectators adding another spice to the race’s ambiance. The regular attacks came and went, but with so many strong sprinters, nothing was going to stick. For the last couple laps I attempted to get on a strong finisher but due to the nature of the course( a constant swarming effect at the front)it was nearly impossible. I wasn’t aggressive enough into the final 180 degree turn (The finish was just 200 meters after) which put me around 10th wheel starting the sprint. Another 7th place was the result for a fairly positive race and with my next big objective, the Tour de L’Abitbi, my form seems to be creeping back into the legs. Thanks Hammer, Giant, and YOU.

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