Race reports- Tour du Pays de Vaud

Tour du Pays de Vaud, Switzerland- May 24-27
3km Prologue- 4th
My shortest prologue to date at 3km went by quickly but was awfully painful, with your mind telling you to keep pushing, and your body doing everything it can to counteract the effort. A fourth place just one second back of third was a tough pill to swallow, but was made better since my teammate was the one beating me(TJ).
107km stage 1- 24th
A constant flow of attacks marked the beginning of this very fast stage where the elastic finally snapped at about the 40 kilometer mark. Tyler made the lasting break after our counter-moves which garnered him the green jersey after winning both intermediate sprints. I had made the front split ,other than the breakaway ahead, when bad luck struck. A flat just before the first and longest climb (5km) put me in the second split where I would stay for the remainder if the stage. I attempted to breakaway between the final two climbs to no avail, which left my legs in sleep mode climbing the last kicker until a 4km downhill run-in. I misjudged a switchback close to the finish, leaving me scraped and bruised from crashing just before spending an hour and a half in anti-doping control to end a very memorable birthday.
79km stage 2.1 double day-
After TJ’s win and leader’s jersey the day before our collective goal was of course to defend. I set tempo and led out Tyler for an intermediate sprint before drilling the pace up the first 4 kilometers of the final 15km climb. After going all out, my mind and body switched to survival mode up the remaining brutal slopes. Again TJ(Timo) won extending his lead in both the KOM and GC taking every team by surprise with, as other sport directors said” A team that races like professionals.”(Say it in a thick euro accent).
13.5km ITT stage 2.2- 13th
After a very demanding morning stage, my legs, and presumably many others, were nearing cramp city. I did a light warm-up since the legs never fully stopped, and went off for a painful crepe-flat time trial. 13th was a decent result considering the work I had done in the morning, but still, for lack of a better word, sucked.
115km stage 3-
It was another stressful day protecting a leader’s jersey but proved fruitful in the end by TJ and Greg’s great form. Tyler and I set tempo and chased down attacks for around 85 kilometers before burying ourselves leading into the final climb. A good 500 meters up and in unison our legs blew. The last 10 kilometers were a “soak in the moment” time while recovering until reaching the finish together. Our team set the bar high for the coming juniors by bringing back 3 jersey’s (Points,KOM, and GC) and plenty of respect from other notable teams. A great weekend of racing helped fine tune legs and minds before national’s just weeks away. If not for an unlucky 1st stage we may have won the team GC as well but that is the past, and we can only look towards the future!

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