Race reports- Euro Spring trip

Kermis Beernem, Belgium- April 1st     82.5km     165 starters         4th place
Fast, mainly flat short circuit that didn’t split much until about half halfway through where I was able to get into a 9 man breakaway which worked very well until getting caught by around 6 more riders making a 15 man(9+6=15 is how I made that calculation) group with the huge peloton 30 seconds adrift. A rider crashed in front of me 2 kilometers from the finish, making a hard chase closing just 50 meters before sprinting which left the legs nice and toasted. Add that with a too-far-back position in the final tussle lost me the race. All in all it was a very positive day with me and Colby Wait-Molyneux trading attacks throughout this fairly short kermis. Shout out to the awesome sponsors, without Hammer products, I wouldn’t have felt so good after such a small window of traveling and racing!
GP Bati-Metallo UCI 1.1- April 15th  47th
A 128 kilometer sufferfest was scheduled for Sunday, which went semi-well for our team( TJ got the KOM) but didn’t go so smooth for my own personal ambitions. Sickness was rampant at the house for our short stay, causing many of us to lose form since we became ill, leading to sub-par performances. I stayed in the pack for the first two/thirds of the race, always striving to stay in the top-30 riders with TJ in the breakaway of the day. Everything was together after a couple cobbled climbs until the small finishing loops consisting of heavy crosswinds on the longest stretches making echelons a usual sight. I was in the lead group chasing the same break that had been away for most of the day, when a small crash ruined what may have been. A touch of wheels when a couple racers drifted suddenly, and by the time I realized it the ground was hugging my face. A hard chase in the caravan rewarded me with getting back in the withered pack about 3k from the finish where my legs decided to stop before the sprint. All in all the trip was very fun, but results-wise not what I wanted. Part of the learning process!

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