Race reports- Tour de Murrieta

Tour de Murrieta omnium 3-day stage race (March 9-11, 2012)
TT-6.5km course with a 1.5k dirt climb: I was able to get a great warm-up for the
time trail that seemed to suit me due to the short power climb in the finishing stage
of this intense event. I was able to get the win in the category 2 race, with a time
that would have put me in 3rd place for the Cat 1 men which was a great way to
start the weekend (A balmy 70+ degrees all three days).
Criterium- Our Saturday race was another short one with a 55 minute crit where
many attacks erupted in the first 35 minutes or so before I was able to get off the
front with another racer for around 3 laps (He was taking his pulls on the headwind
section) where I then ventured alone for the last 10 laps(1 mile course). I had to
dig deep into the suitcase of courage to keep up the pace and stay away which led
me to have around 35 seconds with about 3 laps to go. I had the privilege to sit up
in the final stretch and enjoy the win with my trusted Giant TCR!
Circuit- A 3.5 mile 16 lap trial was on tap for today which turned out to be faster
than the pro race by 30 seconds who did the same 56 mile distance. It was very
windy causing our group to split in half just over halfway through the stage, with
all of the GC contenders in the lead group of about 20 racers. I had the overall
somewhat locked up, but since it was an omnium, I still had to sprint in the finale.
Nobody was afraid to pull out an attack in the rolling course, where I didn’t shy
away either, leaving me without a kick in the inevitable small field sprint. I came
in 9th with a slight scare for my omnium title when the 2nd place rider finished
5th (He had a new number on after losing his old other number, which meant I
didn’t know he had made the split). In the final results, I still made it on top for
my first stage race victory!

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