Race reports- San Dimas Stage Race

San Dimas stage race March 16-18
3.8 Mile uphill TT-
It was an overcast day to start this short but brutal event with racers taking
off continuously throughout the day. I was able to get a good warm-up, but
made the mistake of going to the start a couple minutes too early, causing
me to get semi-cold before my departure. This made the first mile unenjoyable
to say the least while my legs restarted. I was able to get fourth on the stage, 30
seconds ahead of 5th, but 27 behind the leader.
56 Mile road race-
Rain and wind was the unusual California weather on tap for us, which ripped
our peloton in pieces slowly and painfully. I came into the stage gunning for a
jersey, with the KOM my best chance. It worked out well on the seven mile
course’s hill where I garnered the the most points on the climb to seal the deal
on that prize. Things were still breaking apart on the steep KOM hill where a
group containing myself, 3rd place, the leader, and a strong u23 rider got away
with two laps to go. We worked well to gain an almost minute gap on the remaining
survivors (Almost half DNF’d) where the u23 rider (Ben Bertiger) attacked with
around one kilometer to the base of the hill of the last lap which, at the top, was 2k
to the finish. Me and the leader encouraged him to go, pressuring the 3rd place GC
rider to chase since we didn’t mind because our objectives were complete. I won
the sprint for second, and with time bonuses moved up from 4th to 2nd overall
along with the polka-dot crown.
55 minute Criterium-
My legs were still sore from the efforts made a day before, but everyone was
on the same boat. Many people tried to break the race apart, which was not
to be due to the motivated sprinters and breakaway-punishing course. A small
uphill drag was promising to try a break, but the wind was punching our faces
for that stretch. I waited for the sprint to see what I could do, coming third out
of the final turn onto a 300 meter finishing stretch. The rider(Cory Williams) just
in front of me pulled his pedal while in the pole position, when I punched it to get
my 5th win of the season! Big thanks to my teammates Alistar, Jackson, and Travis
who took some massive pulls to get me the win! I ended up 2nd in GC along with the
polka-dot jersey for this fast and furious cat.2 race.

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