Race reports- Mothballs Criterium

I will be uploading race reports from this entire season starting off with the first criterium of the year, Mothballs.
Race report- January 29, 2012: Sunday           Course- Flat and fast with two hard corners
Mothballs criterium in Goleta, California, 75 minutes, avg. speed 42kph, 80 riders
   I attacked twice in the first 30 minutes of the race to test the legs out and try to get a break going but it didn’t work out due the the semi-strong headwind on the finishing straight (about 450 meters from the final turn to finish line). There weren’t any road professional’s racing, but nonetheless a strong field showed up. After those attempts I sat in the pack waiting for the inevitable bunch sprint which turned out to be quite dangerous. Around the final corner a racer by himself crashed with only two or three seconds separating him from us. I was sixth wheel coming into the turn, narrowly dodged the crash with a few others, and received a perfect leadout from one racer who attacked just after the mayhem. I won with about five bike lengths to start the season off well!

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